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    2020-09-16 09:30 优秀作文




    Three meals a day, all to eat, and meat is essential, we eat most of the chicken and duck fish, these are no big deal. But some rare animal was put on the table, such as crocodiles, porpoises, whales, etc..

    We are all children of mother earth, and why want to brothers and sisters under the hands?

    In fact, nature is a very complex food chain, and the living things are indispensable. Any one of them that is missing will have a great consequence of preterm birth and will be in a mess. Let's give a few examples here.

    Snake, snake is a general term as everyone knows legless reptiles of the current global total of more than 3000 kinds of snakes. A slender body, reduced limbs and no movable eyelids, no ears, no legs, no forelimbs, body covered with scales. Some are toxic, but most are nontoxic. To the number of Oceania snake and the most poisonous snakes in the Inland taipan. It is enough to kill 100 adults every bite of the poison, and the longest serpent is a netted python. It's the only body known to be 10 meters long. The net spot usually live in tropical Asia python, depending on the weight of the body Chansi prey, cobra should also be a more familiar, is the longest snake preys on snakes, love. Do you know that in some places snakes have become protective animals. Do you know that the venom of the snake has been used to treat some of the incurable diseases. And it can be the strongest anesthetic in history.

    And the crocodile. The crocodile is one of the earliest ever found alive and most primitive animal, it is in the Triassic to Cretaceous Mesozoic (about two hundred million years ago) evolved from amphibians, is still the continuation of semi aquatic and ferocious reptiles and dinosaurs, it is the same time animal, the extinction of the dinosaurs regardless of environmental impact still, their own reasons, are proof of the existence of a crocodile fossils; it is more strong vitality. Known as the living fossil of them has become increasingly unable to adapt to the current environment, only 23 species, 17 species in about endangered crocodile body is a treasure, their skin can do for crocodile leather coat, meat can be made into soup, serum extracted from the fetal protein will be the most powerful in the history antibiotics can even fight aids. This is a great success.

    Friends, the destruction of animals will bring serious adverse consequences to mankind, resulting in a serious imbalance of the ecological environment, which will destroy the living environment of human beings. To destroy animals is to destroy human beings. If all the animals in the world have disappeared one day, can the human beings survive? To protect the animals and to cherish every living creature in nature! Let's start from now, start from me, protect the animals, make the world a better place. The protection of animals is to protect human beings.


    This afternoon, I opened the computer on the QQ, and in the QQ space, I saw the scene of "ghosts and gods".

    Some people are ready to take the bear bile, then, a mother bear broke away from the cage, with huge paws strangled the cubs, then hit his head on the wall, dead. Maybe this is the best way for them, because they are free.

    After reading this story, I was crying. Such a lovely bear, such a great mother bear, who is cruel to take away their life is human. It is a voice to say who protects the giant panda and who is human. Isn't this paradoxical? The panda is the national treasure of our country, but some pandas want to escape. That's why someone hurts the panda.

    How lovely the pandas are! They also have life. They are not a tool for getting rich. We must protect the pandas, some pandas have found, and some pandas are still suffering from the endless pain. We should care if they are affected by them, how will the pain

    Here, I call on everyone: take care of the animals, let the animals no longer be afraid of us, and make the world a real peace!

    At the same time, I also advise those who hurt the Panda: the panda also has the life, the panda also has the feelings. Their value is not to make us make money, but to live for ourselves. I hope you can get it here!


    There are many beneficial animals, such as dragonflies, frogs, and so on.

    We say it is a dragonfly, beneficial insects, its benefits for the people can be more. It lives next to a small pool to catch pests. Some people catch dragonflies, catch dragonflies, catch them and sell them everywhere. We should give a dragonfly protection method, if they dare to catch dragonflies, catching dragonflies, is to break the law, to the police uncle treatment.

    Frog is no exception, it is also a good hunter to catch pests. However, it lives near the pond near the crops. Sometimes, it also goes to the crops and catch pests nearby. People call it a good helper to protect crops. Some children, next to the pool, catch frogs, go home, eat frogs. We should be in the pool beside the tree a sign that reads "protect the frog, everybody", so no one will catch a frog.

    Without these beneficial animals, the pests will increase. Even so, pesticide and Miehailing have to die. We should protect animals together.


    To treat animals kindly is the duty that every citizen should do. To treat animals well is the only way to make humans and animals good friends. To treat animals kindly is a shortcut to live in harmony with nature. As a result, our pupils have to help animals every minute and every minute to help animals, love animals, and treat animals well.

    Watching the birds flying in the sky, watching the fish roam in the water. Maybe you think there are a lot of animals in the world. But do you know that there are not only a few animals now, but some of them are very rare, and even some of them are extinct. According to biologists, there are at least hundreds of animals that have been killed and extinct by humans for thousands of years. As a result, there are less and less species of animals in the world. Nature is a complex food chain, missed some will cause more animal extinction, the food chain will be a mess. One day it will hurt people.

    Many people think that animals are dead and two do not matter, before people think so, and now there are still many animals already extinct? If you are an animal, you live in a forest, and you will be arrested by your family. Will your mind still be the same now? Absolutely not. At that time, you would hate human beings especially, you would...

    We are all children of mother earth, and why want to brothers and sisters under the hands? Human beings and all the earth is our human beings, should be regarded as the intelligent part of the universe "". Since we are called "long", we should take more care of our younger brothers and sisters. If we can't even do this, how can we call it "long"? Is it equal to kill each other when we hunt animals?

    Friends, animals are the priceless treasure of nature left to mankind. It is a friend of our human beings. The last death and our human life is closely related to. The massive destruction of animals will have serious adverse consequences to human beings, resulting in a serious imbalance in the ecology, which makes the living environment of the human being destroyed. Let's start from now, start from me, protect the animals, make the world a better place.


    Who can tell me where my home is? Who can tell me where I have the free sky? Who can tell me where my parents are? Who can tell me...

    My name is Mimi. I had a happy family, and my family had the love of mom and dad. Whenever I wake up in the first rays of the morning sun, partner calls and friends playing in the woods. My mother has already prepared a good breakfast for me, and a happy day begins here... At dusk, my dad told me about the story of leisure in the side, all the woods were so quiet. How happy we lived in this forest at that time!

    But one day, good times don't last long, a group of hunters, they are looking for prey with a shotgun, there are a lot of my countrymen have been killed them, dad said they were sold to the hotel to do the dishes - "bird point disc". I was afraid to ask my father and mother, "do we have to suffer such a bad luck, too?" Mother is leisurely, saying, "don't be afraid of the child, we are." But in their uneasy eyes, I felt the coming of fear. The sound of a frightened gun often broke the peace of the woods, and the voices of the partners were less and less.

    It was a few days after that, and the disaster came to my home. Dad, to protect me, let me ride on his back and take me away. The mother is to stay away from the hunter, before his departure, dad called her mother to be careful, the hunter in a sound farewell shot has been sounded, my dad took me to step back three flew away. After a shot, my mother was killed. I yelled, "Mom..." The hunter found me and dad raised the gun to us. Dad dodged the bullet, took me to a forest to fly, the hunter still pursued. Dad put me in the dense jungle, and went to fight with the hunter. My intuition told me that Dad could not get back here. Sure enough, after a shot and a scream, my father died.

    Since then, I have paid off the pain of no mother's love and father's love. Although the hunter has gone, my life has not become better. After a few years, a group of people have cut down the forest, I have no place to home, can only hovering around, wandering.

    Human beings are quick to wake up! Don't hurt the wild animals any more. The earth is the home that we depend on for survival, give us a little space for survival. Do not destroy our happy life because of your greed! This is a little bird calling, and this is a little bird crying!


    Animals, they are our friends; animals, we must protect them; animals also have dignity; animals, and flesh and blood; animals, like us, are also a life.

    People often kill the poor little animals, in their minds, to kill them only to make money, and they seem to have lost their will. If I saw them killing animals, I would ask them, "do they have no family? You have not experienced the taste of the separation of bone and flesh. Do you think of what it is? They also have flesh and blood, and they also know how to be grateful. Do you think about what they would think when they were about to be killed by you? Do you not know that there are so many innocent small animals that have been killed by your hands? Are they guilty? Do they have to be damaged when they are born? Aren't you supposed to be now?

    You can think about, if you are an innocent little animal, you are born in that moment, you see your mother or you killed by those people killed, you think? Will you experience the flavor of the separation of bone and flesh in your own body? If you think about it, you have to rethink the innocent life to you these damn cruel hands? Even if they are damn, you can't get to your hands. I don't know if you know what kind of spirit the small life would be before it died. You don't know, why? Because you have no blood and no meat. You killed so many innocent animals. The damned people are not them, but you, because when you give them something, they will know gratitude.

    Maybe you would think, it's a beast. What's good for you? It is wrong, not only wrong, but also wrong. Yes, they are brutes, they are life, and yes, they are not worth it, but they don't deserve to die...

    Well, not to say much, I hope those who kill the small animals, you have changed a little earlier, or you will be punished by the law sooner or later.


    Spring, the spring breeze blowing drum bud, little swallow.

    One day, Lan Lan came out and breathed, and her kitten followed. Suddenly, a black shadow crossed his eyes. "Oh, a little swallow!" Lan Lan came in curiously in the yard, "huh? Where is the swallow nest? " She looked for it curiously.

    She finally found a swallow nest on a wall next to the peach blossoms.

    At this time, the little swallow was practising flying. It is a fledgling small Yan, a few feathers only sparse, crumbling it fly. In a few moments, as Lanlan worried, the little swallow soon fell to the ground. Suddenly, it ran out with the cat behind Lanlan, and it stared at the little swallow with curiosity. Suddenly, the kitten went to the swallow, and the frightened little swallow jumped to the side with fear. It is dangerous to see the little swallow, and Lanlan immediately holds the kitten up, the cat struggles, and still delusions of putting the little swallow in the dead. At this time, the mother Yan came back and completed a perfect arc in the air. She quickly picked up the swallow and held it in the nest to share the delicious food brought by her mother. At the sight of the reunion of the little swallows, Lan Lan laughed happily.

    "Protect animals, animals are human friends!" Let's protect the animals together, hand in hand, and create a beautiful home together!


    My father loves to play birds. Today, he was on his back with a shotgun to go out. I wanted to dissuade my father, so I thought about it and called my father.

    "Dad, do you go to the bird again?" I asked. "Yes." Dad promised not to lift his head. "Daddy, why don't you want to go to a bird? Birds have family, and they are all kindred. The parents of the birds must also love their children as much as you do with me. Why do we always have to kill them mercilessly? "

    The father's expression seems to have feelings, so I also said: "Dad, as the saying goes, animal protection is everyone's responsibility, you know, the bird is a spiritual animal with a deposit, is the friend of mankind. Dad, don't hunt again, let the birds live happily in the places they like! So that they can often sing on the branches, bask in the sun, let birds into our lives, let us become good partners in bird life.

    When Dad listened to me, he put down the shotgun gently. "Daughter, you are right. I should not hurt innocent lives for I like to play birds. I should let them live happily. It's good to have your teachings, or I'll be so blind to hurt these innocent lives... " My father and I looked at the birds in the tree and laughed.

    When I returned to the room, I saw a pair of birds falling outside the windowsill and flying away together in the sun...

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