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  • 中学生英语日记

    2020-09-17 09:05 优秀作文


    This is my first time to join the summer camp in Zhejiang University. In the morning, we took part in opening ceremony. There were more than four hundred students in this sumer camp. I felt very happy because I know I can make more friends in this beautiful city. It took us nearly one hour to listen teachers’ talk. Then we had to begin our first exam.it was not very hard. On, I forgot to talk about our headteacher. He was a student, too.but he becameour teacher for twenty days. I though he was a good teacher, too. He was very handsome. I was very happy t met him. He came from Australia. It was a very beautiful country. In his class, not only we can learn many English knowledge, but also can develop our spoken English. We talked about many things. On, it was very nice.

    Today is my first day to come to this university. I am very happy.

    he 包粽子作文
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